Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Haven't been able to blog recently because I was without internet for a few days (moving into my new apartment...finally!) and have been sick the past few days. Yesterday was pretty awful- tyring to get through the schoolday, teaching full-time now, while feeling feverish and achey. It sounds a bit far-fetched to everyone at home, but I honestly had to consider that my symptoms could be swine flu! Lucky mom and dad, getting the phone call at 4 a.m. from Britney, crying about how she may have swine flu...well, at least Argentina prepared them for this. And I thought that getting so sick in Argetina has prepared me for any obstacle here, too- but I was reminded again last night that getting sick in a foreign country is scary...especially with all the the hype of swine flu (and a few confirmed cases in nearby cities).

Today I felt a little better, still the same symptoms but not as severe. It's possible that I'm getting sick from all the pollution and mold here- a lot of the other teaches have had similar cases. And with me running down by the stream every other day, inhaling the sewage and city pollution, it makes sense that my body wouldn't be able to handle it.

I'm trying to take it easy this week now, but it's difficult because the school days are pretty long. So far, I haven't liked my elementary classes much...I am actually finding it easier to communicate with the kindergarteners! I'm teaching 3 sections of science, a reading & grammar class, and a writing class. I already feel guilty for giving these students so much homework- I just can't get over how much work they have, between English school & Korean school. Every class I teach requires at least 5 books, a few workbooks, a reading log, a writing journal or essay book, and CDs or tapes for listening homework. These poor elementary students have to lug all this around every day in their tiny "LCI Kids Club" backpacks!

One quick thing- I found out on Monday that I have a student named Britney in one of my classes! Spelled the same as me! I couldn't believe it- especially since all the students here tend to choose such old-fashioned or average names. I made sure to compliment her on her name choice :) I better be careful to not play favorites with her!

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