Friday, November 12, 2010

Halloween! Happy...and other spirit week classics

WOW what a super-scary classroom!
Lots o'staples in that there haunted house.

Easy costume idea for the child who wears glasses: tape black construction paper to one lens. Annnddd, pirate. Done.
Crazy Hair day. Fantastic.

Oh boy, isn't carving a pumpkin with ten 6-year olds a thing.

But, instant gratification. They held that pumpkin like champs.

Crazy Hair day awesome-ness.

Tina (and photo props to Nathan Teacher!)

Spiderweb props to Sue Haeg! (and Creative Kidstuff)

Halloween social time. Lets compare princess dresses.

A Dorothy. A pumpkin. And a traditional Korean man?

A Peter Pan and a Dorothy.

Halloween games in Big Gym awesome-ness.

spoooooooky entrance to LCI on Halloween morn...

and an equally-eerie, grammatically-incorrect banner to celebrate an English school Halloween.

Just one of my solid face-paint pictures. Pikachu, no big deal.

Ok, actually it WAS a big deal.
(and more photo props to Nathan Teacher!)

And a non-LCI Halloween, too: Where's Waldo? Somewhere in Seoul, perhaps?

One of my little Disney princesses.

And a little Power Ranger, too.

Ray with his quite-genius creation: Mommy pumpkin to hold the candy, and Baby pumpkin to hold the candy wrappers. Brilliant.

Oops, Waldo is in Suji.

And in the subway!

Never mind that we're well into the next holiday season...these Halloween memories are too great to forgo, despite their belated appearance.

Most of the pictures speak for themselves...but one in particular I hope can truly give you just a glimpse of the particular happiness I've experienced here.

Face-painting, LCI Halloween.
Britney Teacher as Dorothy, surrounded by awestruck, costumed little girls and boys, marveling over the painted artwork on their hands and faces.

Korean kids and painting pictures.
Two key components for absolute bliss.

Quite a memorable moment, of a handful experienced here, when I have stopped to think, "I am in my element." :)

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