Monday, August 24, 2009

At School

My 2nd day of teaching kindergarten today- it went SO well and SO much better than last week!! I only had 7 of my 10 there today, so that may have helped me a bit :)

My students are: Alan, Alice, David, Grace, Alex, Irene, Katie, Zackary, Tony, and Ashley. They are called 6-1, meaning they are 6 years old and in their first year of English. Interesting fact, though: Koreans believe that they are 1 year old at birth, so, according to our Western perception of age, they are actually younger than they say they are (so my kindergarteners are actually 5).

Alice's birthday is on Wed.- I'm very excited for it because the birthday child becomes a celebrity at the school that day. They bring in tons and tons of food & desserts, and all the children in the class have to bring them presents. Apparently, the parents try to outdo the other parents by bringing in the most food and party favors for everyone!

That's another thing about the school: just about every day, the Korean mothers bring in food and treats for their child's teacher, or for the whole teaching staff. So far, I've witnessed milkshakes, cookies, bananas, egg & ketchup sandwiches on white bread (didn't try that one), and a whole carton full of hot dogs (didn't try that one either, although they certainly love their hot dogs here).

Hopefully I can get up some pictures of my students this week!

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