Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ten Days In

Hard to believe I've been here for almost two weeks! The new girls from MN, Shauna and Christine, arrived last night, and I've already felt like a pro giving them advice and showing them around. I never imagined I'd feel this well-adjusted so quickly into the experience. I feel as though I've been here so much longer...although the time has also seemed to by very quickly. I already have a daily routine, favorite places to eat, and a punch card at one of the local coffee shops!

I've been so busy that I haven't had much time to think about being homesick...which is a good thing for me. I'm still trying to nail down the time difference factor between here and home (14 hours)...that definitely makes it more difficult to Skype. I still have my computer set to MN time, though, and that's been a nice reminder of home...kind of still makes me feel a part of things back there.

All last week I observed the other teachers at the school...that got a bit boring by the third day, as I was already getting so anxious to start teaching! On Friday, I finally got to teach my own 10 kindergarteners, from 10:00 am-2:30 pm. It was SO hectic- I never had time to just stop and collect my thoughts! They are so adorable, I can hardly stand it. I am known to them as "Britney Teacher" (the older students usually just say "Teacher"). I can't wait to take pictures of them this week and show them off to everyone!

The funniest thing is that they all choose English-sounding names once they begin at the you have a classroom full of Asian children answering to the names of "Tony," "Kelly," and "Louie." There are also many Alices, Aileens, and even a Eugene! I can't imagine what source their parents are getting these names from, because I definitely wouldn't say that Debby and Dorothy are the most popular English names nowadays!

Tomorrow starts my first full week of kindergarten teaching- wish me luck (and patience)! I'll be observing elementary classes until September 1st, when the new semester begins. Can't wait to be fully immersed in the teaching experience!!

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