Sunday, August 23, 2009

Running in South Korea...I know, I can't believe it either

One of the strangest things to adjust to so far is the fact that I've been able to go running here! I've gone about five times now...more than I've run in the past year combined. So maybe all this time I was injured and hurting, I just had to go to South Korea to get better?? I'm up to 7min run/1 min walk far, so good!!

There's a bike/walk path down by the river (actually a stream that co-mingles with the sewage deposit) that is just packed with people as soon as night falls. Everyone is out walking, pushing strollers, biking...and they have no set rule for who walks/bikes where...the whole thing is just a chaotic mess of dodging others (think: Lake Calhoun on a sunny summer day). I've been one of the few runners, though...and I can see why, given the pollution from the air and the stream. In some places, the sewage smell is so bad, I have to just hold my breath or breathe out of my mouth...pretty awful.

But for the Koreans, this sewage stream is their Lake Calhoun; there's obviously no great expanses of green parks and beautiful lakes within the cities. It really makes me more appreciative of the lakes and green areas at home!!

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